24 July 2016

Special Edition 168

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Four reasons it’s vital to keep marriage between one man and one woman only

Australian Family Association

Laws don’t operate in isolation. They work in combination with other laws.
Same-sex marriage law will operate in combination with Federal, state and territory anti-discrimination
laws that now list as protected attributes:
sexual orientation (straight, homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender); and
gender identity (self-identified, gender-related identity, appearance or mannerisms without regard to
a person’s sex at birth). Over 60 so-called new genders have been “identified”; they are pure
inventions, but are protected in anti-discrimination laws.
The effect of same-sex marriage in combination with Federal, state and territory anti-discrimination laws will be:
Compulsory gay sex education: Same-sex marriage will make it legal to teach homosexual and lesbian
marriage and sexual practices in sex education classes in schools. This is already happening to a
limited extent in schools.
Then, if a teacher or schools objects, they will be accused violating protections for sexual
orientation/gender identity in anti-discrimination laws. At that point, teaching gay marriage will
effectively be made compulsory in schools.
It is the right of parents to determine when and how they teach their children about gay issues, not the
courts and not the school.
Changing birth certificates: There will be a concerted effort to replace “mother” and “father” with “parent 1” and
“parent 2” on birth certificates. “Mother” and “father” will become terms that discriminate against
homosexual and lesbian parents. The ACT legislature has already replaced “mother” and “father” with “parent 1”
and “parent 2” on birth certificates.
This denies the basic right of children to know from their birth certificate their biological mother and father.
No safe place for girls and women. Males identifying as females will be able to use female bathrooms,
change rooms and female only gyms. Already, young boys identifying as girls are demanding the use of girls’
toilets in schools.
Girls and women have the right to have their own toilets and change rooms and safe places.
Losing our democratic freedom of speech. Will it be considered discrimination to speak in favour of
man+woman marriage and natural family? Will it be discrimination to state the fact that research shows that
overwhelmingly boys wanting to transgender to be girls, or girls wanting to be boys, eventually grow out of
this and identify only with their biological sex by the time they are adults.
Australians cannot have a free democracy without freedom of speech.
It is important to keep marriage between a man and a woman:
to protect the rights of parents to determine the education of their children;
to protect the rights of children to have their birth certificate clearly name their biological mum and dad;
to maintain safe places for women and girls; and
to protect our democratic freedom of speech.

Wrong even if it were made Law

Picture From rt.com


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